Sep 09 2009

Are you ready for Halloween? Have a safe, fun and creative Halloween.

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It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school and Halloween is just around the corner. What a fun time of year. I love thinking up creative ideas for Halloween costumes for the kids. Ever since I was a kid I looked forward to what I was going to be. Every year I put a lot of thought into it and decided on the perfect costume for Halloween.

One year I went as a washing machine, it was a crazy fun Halloween costume. I got a large box and cut out a hole in the front for a door, painted it and put old detergent containers on top and a big white pillow case on the side for a laundry bag which doubled as my candy loot bag. All the neighbors thought it was a great costume. The only problem was I couldn’t see. My friends who I went trick-or-treating with had to walk me around all night. We had a great time and we still laugh about it to this day, which is over twenty-five years ago now.

I never really outgrew Halloween even though we didn’t go trick-or-treating any more. As a young adult it was fun to dress up for Halloween and all the great Halloween parties. We also had fun decorating the house for Halloween too.

Now I get to share all the Halloween fun with my kids too. I want my kids to enjoy themselves and remember the experience too so I still put a lot of thought into their costumes as well. I try to pick the best Halloween costume for each of my kids that will be the most exciting and fun for them.

Now that I’m a grownup I always make sure that the kids are safe on Halloween and comfortable too. It’s a good idea to have a layered costume on those really cold Halloween nights. Some Halloweens are really cold and you want the kids to be warm. Having some flashlights or glowsticks with you helps drivers see the trick-or-treaters better so everyone stays safe. You also have to have a cool bucket or bag for all that candy too. We always go through the kids’ stash to check that the candy is safe before eating any and I try to limit it so the kids don’t eat too much at one time.

I think I’ll always enjoy creating a memorable Halloween for my kids, grandkids and the neighborhood kids too. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Great Pumpkins: Crafty Carvings for Halloween

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Sep 07 2009

Welcome to Creative Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for some great creative halloween costumes this year, you’ve come to the right place.  Halloween is such a fun time of year and it is always fun to wear some creative halloween costumes.  You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with these great creative halloween costumes, halloween party ideas and halloween yard decorations.  Take a look around for some great ideas and have a safe and fun Halloween!

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Oct 21 2014

Wolverine Costume and Claws

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Wolverine Costume and Claws

Wolverine Costumes are great superhero costumes for Halloween. Wolverine is a Marvel comics character and he is one of the X-Men. Wolverine is a mutant with sharp retractable claws on each hand that he uses to fight his enemies. He also possesses a powerful healing factor that allows him to recover very quickly when wounded. The Wolverine character’s real name is James Howlett but he commonly goes by Logan.

Classic X-Men Wolverine Muscle Child Costume – MEDIUM (7/8)

Wolverine first appeared in comics in the 1970s but the Origins television miniseries and X-men motion picture starring Hugh Jackman have made Wolverine and his X-Men friends popular again and a great choice for Halloween.

You can purchase an officially licensed Marvel Comics costume or make you own. You can get these Wolverine Claws gloves to make your Wolverine Costume complete.

Wolverine Deluxe Claws Child Costume Accessory

Wolverine Costume for Kids

Wolverine fans come in all sizes and genders. You can get this cute Wolverine Toddler costume for your little superhero.

Wolverine Costume – Infant

Girl Wolverine Costumes

Girls can dress up for Halloween with the Wolverine look too. Wolverine has a daughter and she is called Wild Thing. This Wolverine womans costume is great for those shewolves out there.

Wild Thing, Daughter of Wolverine – Small – Dress Size 4-6

Wolverine Costume Hair and Makeup

How to Make Wolverine Claws

If you want to make you own Wolverine costume you will need to make some authentic looking claws. Here are some ideas to help you with your Wolverine Costume.

Wolverine Mask


This Wolverine mask is vinyl and has the yellow and black Wolverine features with pointy black ears and masked eyes and black sideburns look.

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Oct 21 2014

Pirate Costume Ideas

Halloween Pirate Costume Ideas

Melissa & Doug Pirate Costume Role Play Set

Pirate costumes are a favorite Halloween costume idea. It’s fun to pretend to be one of the Pirates of the Caribbean or other dreaded mateys and wenches who sailed the seven seas with the Jolly Roger raised to show it’s skull and cross bones. There are lots of great pirate costume ideas to make your ensemble the best looking pirate ever.

You will need the basic costume pieces like an eye patch, a sword, and a three-cornered hat or bandana. For some added punch you can get a peg leg or hook and don’t forget your pirate jewelry and pirate parrot.

There are pirate costumes for kids and adult pirate costume ideas. You can even dress up your dog or cat in a pet pirate costume. Whether it’s for Halloween or just play time dress up, pirate costumes are a great idea and loads of fun.

Pirate Costume for Women

Be a swashbuckler’s wench in this great female pirate Halloween costume. This plus size maiden from the Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow inspired costume line is a great look for Halloween.

Vixen Pirate Wench Costume – Small – Dress Size 4-6

To complete your female pirate outfit you’ll need a women’s pirate hat. This lacey hat is the perfect female pirate accessory and comes with Lace Trim, Satin Bow and Ostrich Feather.

Leg Women’s Swashbucker’s Hat, Black/Red, One Size

Pirate Costume Jewelry

Pirate Cameo Necklace and Earrings

This is a beautiful addition to any pirate costume for a woman. The metal necklace features a black and white cameo with skull and cross bones. Matching earrings are also included in this set. A great Halloween costume!

Women Pirate Costume

Kids Pirate Costume

This kids pirate costume is a fun Halloween costume for kids. It comes with pirate headband, shirt with vinyl front, pants and waist sash. Your little matey with be ready to ship ahoy for Halloween.

(Patch and sword sold separately.)

Halloween Concepts Children’s Costumes Pirate King – Child’s Medium

Complete your kids pirate costume look with a pirate eye patch, earring and buccaneers sword.

Pirate Eye Patch w/Plastic Gold Earring Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

Buccaneer Sword

Pirate Kids

Toddler Pirate Costume

Even toddlers can dress up like a pirate for Halloween. This cute toddler pirate costume will be the hit of the preschool Halloween Parade.

Your little buccaneer will sail the seas of his imagination this Halloween! Guaranteed to be the cutest little pirate this Halloween!

Men’s Pirate Costume

Adult men like to be pirates too. This rugged rouge Mens Pirate Costume includes: White shirt with a brown attached vest, brown and tan striped pants, burgundy bandana, waist sash and a black belt with gold buckle. Black boot tops are also included in this swashbuckling style.

California Costumes Men’s Rogue Pirate Costume,Brown,Large

To complete your men’s pirate costume look you can get this fabulous-looking brown gypsy pirate wig which has a scarf tied around it and colorful beads dangling. Set sail on an unforgetable adventure and be the life of the party this Halloween!

Smiffy’s Parrot 20 Inches with Elastic Holder, Multi, One Size

Pet Pirate Costumes

Fido wants to be a pirate for Halloween too. Pet costumes are fun and you can dress up your kitty or pooch as pirate for Halloween.

Man’s best matey is a pirate dog! Put your pup at the helm in this costume, which includes a captain’s hat, a shirt with ragged sleeves, striped pants and a false arm/hook sleeve. He’s determined to get his booty!

Zelda – Pirate Pet Costume

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Oct 21 2014

Captain America Costume for Kids

Published by under Kids Halloween Costumes

Captain America costume for kids is a great Halloween costume idea for your little Captain America fan. With a Captain America mask and shield your little patriotic red, white and blue superhero will save the day!

Captain America Muscle Costume Toddler Large (4-6)

Captain America Mask

A Captain America mask is a fun way to pretend to be Captain America. Every super hero needs a disguise. This fun blue mask has the Captain America A and white wings.

Marvel Universe Captain America Hero Mask

Pretend to be one of the Marvel Comics Avengers, Hulk, Ironman or Captain America with these superhero dress up masks.

Avengers Paper Masks Child Accessory

Captain America Costume Ideas

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Sep 24 2013

Creative Couples Halloween Costumes

Going to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating as a couple. Here is a fun lens on some creative ideas for Couples Halloween Costumes. You’ll find lots of great duo ideas for dressing up for Halloween this year.

From prehistoric to bible times, classic, retro, modern, futuristic and just plain make believe. You’ll find just the period costume, wacky couples or fancy dress party costume idea to dress up as a great couple for Halloween.

Creative Couples Halloween Costumes
Bacon and Eggs Couples Adult Costume

Adam and Eve Costumes

Go as the original couple Adam and Eve

Some fig leaves, an apple and a snake and you are all set.

Adam and Eve Halloween Costumes
Adam and Eve Costume – Couples Adult Biblical Halloween Costumes

George and Jane Jetson Costumes

For a more modern couple you could go as George and Jane Jetson

Adult George Jetson Costume – Men Costumes Jetsons

Adult Jane Jetson Costume – Adult Jane and George Jetson Costumes

Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costumes

How about this Stone Age Couple for Halloween Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Men’s The Flintstones, Fred Flintstone, Adult Plus Size Costume With Wig And Shoe Covers,Leopard,Adult Plus

The Flintstones Fred Flintstone Adult Costume – Fits Up to Size 44

Includes wig, tie, coat with collar, cuffs, and feet.

The Flintstones Wilma Costume, Medium

Dorothy and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz

You’re off to see the Wizard. Just follow the Yellow Brick Road with this couple

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - Adult Costume
Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ – Adult Costume

The Wizard of Oz Tin Man Adult Costume
The Wizard of Oz Tin Man Adult Costume

Robin Hood and Maid Marion Costumes

Sherwood Forest Costumes look great for Halloween. Check out this Robin Hood Adult Costume.

Robin Hood Costume

Maid Marion Designer Collection Adult Renaissance Costume Adult (X-Large (18-20))

Beetlejuice and the Corpse Bride Costumes

Beetlejuice and the Corpse Bride as ghostly couple

Beetlejuice Costume, Black/White, Standard

Corpse Bride Adult Costume – Standard

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe Costumes

Go as Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

Adult Baseball Player Old Time
Adult Baseball Player Old Time

Marilyn Monroe Deluxe Adult Costume
Marilyn Monroe Deluxe Adult Costume

Wonder Woman and Colonel Steve Trevor Costumes

Wonder Woman and her Air Force Colonel Steve Trevor Couples Halloween Costumes

Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume
Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume

Top Gun Outfit - Mens Flight Suit
Steve Trevor – Air Force Top Gun Outfit – Mens Flight Suit

Knife Thrower and his lovely assistant costumes

You could go as this funny circus sideshow couple the knife thrower and his lovely assistant

Adult Psycho Side Show - Billy Bulls Eye
Adult Psycho Side Show – Billy Bulls Eye

Adult Costumes: Tina The Target
Adult Costumes: Tina The Target

Fortune Teller and Circus Strong Man Costumes

Or try this sideshow couple the Fortune Teller Gypsy and the Tattooed Strong Man

Women’s Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume, Red/Gold/Brown, Medium

Adult Strongman Costume

Popeye and Olive Oyl Costumes

Shiver me timbers – Popeye and Olive Oyl Costumes

Popeye Adult Plus Costume One Size

Sexy Olive Oyl Adult Costume Small/Medium

Condiment Costumes – Ketchup and Mustard Halloween Costumes

Go as your favorite condiments with these Ketchup and Mustard Couples Costumes.

Adult Fun Food Ketchup
Adult Fun Food Ketchup

Mustard Adult Costume
Mustard Adult Costume

Fiona and Shrek Costumes

Here’s a Far Far Away Halloween Costume Couple – Fiona and Shrek

Adult Shrek Fiona Costume
Shrek Princess Fiona Adult Costume

Shrek Adult Costume

T-Bird and Pink Ladies Grease Costumes

You’ll be Greased Lighting with these T-Bird and Pink Ladies Costumes

Grease – Danny’s T-Bird Jacket Deluxe Costume

Grease Pink Ladies Adult Costume

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May 29 2013

Flapper Halloween Costumes

Published by under Creative Halloween Costumes

Flapper Halloween Costumes are fun and timeless. There are many different types of flapper dresses but most have a dropped waist. There are ones with fringe, or sequins, lace and beads. There are feathered headbands and felt cloche hats and long strings of beads to go with the flapper outfit.

20s flappers were sassy and fun loving with a boyish charm but oh so feminine. The flapper hair cut was usually short in a bob. The makeup for the roaring twenties flapper look is rich with dark eyeliner and bold red cheeks and lips shaped like a bow.

Charades Costumes 20s Flapper Velvet Sequin Dress (White) Adult Plus Costume

This year 1920s costumes should be very popular and the flapper is such a fun costume that symbolizes that decade.

Flapper Fashion – Black Flapper Halloween Costume – Plus Size

This roaring twenties outfit includes a Black layered-fringe dress with sequin trim and Black sequin headband with Black feather accent.

Add a cigarette holder, beads and stockings and you are all set for a night out on the town in 1920s style.

Plus Size Fashion Flapper Holiday Party Costume (Black;2X)

Flirty Black Flapper Wig for Halloween – Adult

You’ll flip your lid for this flapper wig!

Includes a black, short 20’s style bob wig. One size fits most adults. Remember a wig cap to hold in your own hair and some bright red lipstick and black eyeliner will complete the look.

Ladies Black Flirty Flapper Costume Wig

Flapper Handbag – 1920’s Flapper Handbag

A Flapper Handbag is essential it you are going to be dancing the night away. You need a place to stash your goodies, makeup, booze and cash. These sequin 1920s flapper handbags add just the right amount of flair to your outfit.

Red or black a sequin adorned purse is a must have for the classy flapper or the sassy one. Complete you Halloween costume look with this purse costume accessory.

Flapper Handbag – 1920’s Flapper Handbag

Flapper Hat in Red – Flapper Costume Accessories

The red 1920’s style Flapper cloché hat is the perfect topper for your swanky flapper costume!

Flapper Hat in Red – Flapper Costume Accessories

Red Flapper Halloween Costume – Deluxe Adult

This Super Deluxe 20’s Flapper Costume features the red flapper dress with gold sparkle finish, detailed with fringe, gold buckle and two-tone lace, plus long pearl necklace and sequin jeweled feather headpiece.

Red Flapper Halloween Costume – Deluxe Adult

Flirty Flapper Wig – Blonde

You’ll be the bee’s knee’s with this flirty flapper do!

Put on the Ritz and head out for a night on the town in style this Halloween! Includes one blonde wig styled in a short Bob.

Flirty Flapper Wig – Blonde

Flapper Headband – Black Feathers

This Flapper Headband helps create the look of a real 1920s flapper complete with black feathers and beads. This deluxe feathered headband features an elastic band so one size fits most. What better way to finish off your Halloween, cocktail or costume party than with this Flapper Headband!

Flapper Deluxe Adult Headband (Black) Size One-Size

Sequin Flapper Halloween Costume – Black and Purple – Adult

Party like it’s the 1920s with this show stopping smarty.

Jazz up your night in this swanky get up. Costume includes a black and fuchsia sequined dress with a swirl print and fringed detailing at the bottom, and black sequined headband with attached feather.

Sequin Flapper Black/Fuchsia Adult Costume

Hot Pink Flapper Wig Adult

You’re entrance will be big with this hotsy-totsy wig.

Jazz up you 20s outfit with this short and sassy hot pink bob. Includes one wig. Grab a wig cap to help tame your natural tresses and give you a realistic look.

Hot Pink Flapper Wig Adult

Pink and Black Feather Flapper Boa

Show the Flappers of the 1920s how to move with sex appeal and sass! Every Flapper needs their dazzling accessory to assist in their strides through roaring crowds. This Flapper would be motionless without the Pink and Black Boa 1920’s Accessory resting upon her shoulders. She looks sexier and dances with more grace, because fashioning her Pink and Black Boa makes life quite an ease. Cause a scene and be the reason people come to the show at all, as the most acclaimed Flapper, wearing this hot pink and black trimmed, 1920’s style Boa. Time for some real entertainment, the good old fashioned way!

Pink and Black Feather Flapper Boa

20s Hot Pink Flapper Gloves

For that extra hot look, our 20s Hot Pink Flapper Gloves fit the bill.

20s Hot Pink Flapper Gloves

20s Hot Flapper Beads Pink – Flapper Halloween Costume Accessories

Flappers love beads. Here is a pink bead necklace to go with your pink flapper outfit.

20s Hot Flapper Beads Pink

Adult Broadway Babe Flapper Costume – Flapper Halloween Costume

The Adult Broadway Babe Flapper Costume includes the fringed dress, and comb with attached feather.

Adult Broadway Babe Flapper Costume – Flapper Costumes

Flapper Beads

These beads are a must to complete your flapper costume. Get them here or be square.

Flapper Beads

20’s Art Deco Flapper Costume – Flapper Halloween Costumes

This 20’s Art Deco Flapper Costume includes the shimmering all-over sequin black and gold flapper dress with gold square sparkle fringe at the neckline and hem. and the wide gold sequined headband and black feather. Fishnet hose, boa and wig available separately. Make an evening of it with a date by pairing this with any of our 1920’s gangster costumes for men!

20’s Art Deco Flapper Costume – Flapper Halloween Costumes

Black Satin and Rhinestone Gloves – Flapper Halloween Costume Accessories

These handsome long satin gloves have shining rhinestone accents and are perfect for any flapper, starlet or formal costume!

All That Jazz Black Satin and Rhinestone Gloves – Flapper Accessories

Pearl Flapper Beads

When flappers were all the rage, so were long pearl necklaces that could be swung around while doing the Charleston. Our faux Pearl Flapper beads are the ideal accessory to complement the look of your 20s Flapper Costume. Pair with our multi strand faux pearl bracelet and/or our faux pearl earrings for a complete set.

Pearl Flapper Beads

Silver Gatsby Girl Flapper Halloween Costume – Adult – Medium

Twenty-three skidoo!

Have a roaring good time in this glamorous flapper costume. Includes sequined flapper dress with fringe trim, matching sequined headband and white elbow-length fingerless gloves.

Gatsby Girl Adult Flapper Costume (Silver) – Medium/Large

20s Gatsby Girl Gold Flapper Costume – Flapper Costume

This 1920’s adult Gatsby Girl Flapper Costume includes the twenties slip-style flapper dress and the headpiece.

20s Gatsby Girl Gold Flapper Costume – Flapper Halloween Costumes

Jazzy Flapper

Woman’s Jazzy Flapper Costume, Pink/Black, Medium/Large

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May 28 2013

Super Why Costumes

Super Readers love Super Why! Super Why costumes for Halloween will be a big hit with kids who watch this popular PBS kids show based on some of kids favorite stories like Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and The Princess and the Pea. Kids learn reading skills in a superhero way.

Super Why!

The characters from the Super Why episodes make great Halloween costume ideas for kids. Parents like the positive role models and educational programming. The characters from Storybook Village are fun for kids costumes.

Super Why Costume

Wyatt Beanstalk is the leader of the Super Why Super Readers and kids will love being this green masked superhero for Halloween. With this green outfit, blue cape and blue super book emblem on the chest, this little story book adventurer is ready for reading and Halloween.

Super Why – Size: 3T-4T

Super Why Wonder Red Costume

Super Why Wonder Red is a super reader adventurer from Storybook Village. This Little Red Riding Hood character is great at reading and helping out on adventures. It makes a great Halloween costume for girls who are fans of Super Why!

Wonder Red – Size: Child L(4-6X)

Super Why Cape and T-Shirt

A Super Why T-Shirt with cape is a fun way for little super readers to play dress up. Princess Presto and her spelling power will save the day.

Super Why! Princess Presto Super T-Shirt

Woofster helps out the super readers with dictionary power.

Super Why! & Woofster Super Readers! Red Super Tee

Both of these Super Why Tee Shirts with Capes can be personalized with your child’s name.

Super Why Trick or Treat Bags

You need a Super Why Trick or Treat bag to go with your Super Why Costume. This black trick or treat bag can be personalized with your child’s name and will hold all their Halloween candy. The bag would also make a great library book bag to carry your child’s library books in after Halloween.

Super Why! Super Readers Black Trick-or-Treat Bag

Here is another Super Why Trick or Treat Bag for your Super Reader. Both of these treat bags can be personalized as well.

Super Why! to the Rescue Red Trick-or-Treat Bag

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May 25 2013

Game Costumes

Looking for a fun costume for Halloween? Why not dress up as your favorite board game? Game costumes are a fun and creative costume idea for Halloween. If you are going to a Halloween party Twister is a fun party game and makes a great game costume as well.

Twister Costume, Medium (7/8)

There are lots of other fun game costumes, like Monopoly, Operation, Candy Land and Scrabble. There are other fun video game costumes like PacMan, Super Mario Brothers, and classic games like tic tac toe, chess, checkers and darts. Check out all the fun game costume ideas for Halloween.

Candy Land Costume

Candy Land is another kids favorite game. Dressing up as one of the Candy Land characters is a fun game costume idea. Princess Lolly is a cute and sassy Candy Land costume.

Candyland Sassy Deluxe Adult Costume Size Medium (8-10)

Monopoly Costume

Mr. Monopoly Deluxe Adult Costume

Another favorite kids board game is Monopoly. These fun his and hers game costumes feature the monopoloy board game characters and properties. Be a first prize costume winner at your next costume party with a Monopoly Halloween costume.

Womens Monopoly Deluxe Adult Costume

Operation Costume

Operation Game is a fun retro favorite game that is still popular today. An Operation Game costume is a very creative costume for kids and adults. Don’t touch the sides!

Operation Adult Male 42-46

Pacman Costume

Pacman is a favorite video game from the 80s. Dressing up as one of the Pacman characters alone or in a group is a great game costume idea. A Pacman costume is sure to make people smile.

Adult Deluxe Pac Man Costume

Super Mario Brothers Costume

Super Mario is also another retro video game that is even more popular today in the Wii and Nintendo DS games. A Super Mario Brothers Costume is a fun game costume and you and your friends can go trick-or-treating for Halloween as Mario and the other Mario game characters like Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Princess Peach.

Super Mario Bros – Child Costume – Boy Large 10-12

Scrabble Costumes

Words with Friends players will love these Scrabble costumes.

Scrabble Deluxe Adult Costume

Sassy Deluxe Scrabble Womens Costume

Tic Tac Toe Costume

This game could take all night. A tic tac toe game costume is another fun and creative game costume idea for Halloween. With X’s and O’s and a hashtag board this Tic Tac Toe costume is great for game lovers.

Tic Tac Toe Board Child Costume

Chess Costumes

These make a great couples costume idea for chess players. You can go as the king and queen on a chess board.

Chess King Adult Costume Black Standard One-Size

Chess Queen Adult Costume Black Standard One-Size

Checkers Costume

Checkers is a classic board game and a simple Halloween costume idea. This board game costume features the red and black checker board and pieces.

Child Checkers Board Game Costume – 7-10

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May 24 2013

Sesame Street Costumes

Sesame Street Characters are a favorite among children and adults. These muppet characters are fun for Halloween costumes too. Check out these Sesame Street Costume Ideas for Halloween. There’s Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Super Grover, Elmo, Big Bird, and Bert and Ernie.

Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch Adult Costume

The world’s most favorite grouch!

You can become your favorite and crankiest childhood character this Halloween. This cool costume includes an Oscar headpiece, a matching green plush torso and a screen printed trash can bottom. 2-piece set.

Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed Sesame Street costume.

Sesame Street The Count Costume for Halloween

One! One friend from Sesame Street! Ah, ha, ha!

“Count” on a great Halloween this year in this nostalgic costume! Perfect for a throwback party or any Fright Night bash. Includes jacket with attached shirt, detachable collar and cape and a plush character headpiece. 4-piece set. Polyester. Imported. Do not wash.

Does not include pants or shoes. This is an officially licensed Sesame Street product.

Sesame Street – The Count Adult Costume

Sesame Street Super Grover Costume for Halloween

It’s Super Grover to the Rescue!

Who doesn’t love Grover! Be the likable and hilarious Sesame Street character this Halloween with this blue suit! It features a blue plush shirt with a red “G” and yellow lightning bolt in the center, a bright attached cape, an oversized plush Grover headpiece, and a detachable helmet cape to give Grover that “superhero” look!

Grover Tween Costume

Sesame Street Elmo Costume for Halloween

“Gotta Love Me!”

You can’t help but love this adorable T.V. character who giggles from head to toe when he’s tickled. The Elmo Plush Deluxe Toddler costume includes a red plush bodysuit with front zipper and attached character hood, mittens and feet. Everyone will be asking you how to get to Sesame Street so they can see your little furry friend.

Elmo Deluxe Plush Toddler Costume

Sesame Street Big Bird Costume for Halloween

What kind of Bird is Big Bird?

Nobody really knows, but everybody still loves this famous bird! The Big Bird Toddler Costume includes a jumpsuit which features a yellow bubble shirt with a printed Big Bird logo on the center, a matching yellow hat with eyes, and orange and attached pink striped pants. Everything your child needs to be their favorite Sesame Street character!

Toddler Big Bird Costume

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Costume for Halloween

C is for…cute costume!

And little cookie monsters “eat up” this one. Fun, furry zip-up, with attached hood. Polyester. Imported.

Does not include cookie. This is an officially licensed Sesame Street costume.

Cookie Monster Deluxe Two-Sided Plush Jumpsuit Costume – Small (2T)

Sesame Street Ernie Costume for Halloween

“Rubber Ducky You’re the One!”

This authentic Ernie costume is quite a catch! Includes a striped shirt, blue pants and plush headpiece made to look just like the iconic puppet himself.

Sesame Street Ernie Teen Costume

Sesame Street Bert Costume for Halloween

Ernie’s Best Friend!

You might be too old to watch Sesame Street, but you’re definitely not too old to dress like one of its famous characters! This fun costume includes a plush Bert headpiece along with a green, orange and blue striped shirt and green pants to complete the look!

Sesame Street Bert Adult Costume


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Feb 24 2013

Dr. Seuss Costumes

Published by under Creative Halloween Costumes

Adult Cat in the Hat Costume – Dr. Seuss – Large/XLarge

A Dr. Seuss Costume is a fun idea for Halloween or for a Dr. Seuss birthday party or other Dr. Seuss event. This deluxe Cat in the Hat costume has the black and white cat outfit with red and white striped hat and red bow tie. It would be fun to dress up as the Cat in the Hat for a story time reading event or Halloween or party.

Here are some other costume characters from the Dr. Seuss books that would be fun for Halloween costumes too or even dressing up as the Grinch for Christmas.

Dr. Seuss Costumes

The Cat in the Hat Costume

A Cat in the Hat costume is a popular Dr. Seuss costume. The Cat in the Hat is a favorite children’s book story character that kids and adults can have fun dressing up as for Halloween or other Dr. Seuss event.

Elope Adult Deluxe Cat In The Hat Costume, Red/White, Large/X-Large

Lorax Costume

You could dress up as the Lorax with this fun yellow hat, beard and eyeglasses. The Lorax is a fun Dr. Seuss character and great children’s book and movie.

Elope Lorex Accessory Costume Kit, Yellow, One Size

Dr. Seuss The Grinch Costume

The Grinch Costume

The Grinch in a Santa costume is a creative costume for Halloween or even better for a Christmas party or to pretend with the kids. This Deluxe Grinch Costume comes with Grinch Mask, Santa shirt, hat and gloves.

Grinch Deluxe Adult Costume Size Large/X-Large

Grinch Costumes

Horton Hears a Who Costume

Reading your favorite Dr. Seuss books can give you a great idea for a Halloween costume. Horton Hears a Who! is a fun book with lots of colorful characters that you can go as for Halloween to a party or trick-or-treating. What’s your favorite story? Would you like to be the Grinch or the Lorax, Thing 1 or Thing 2? Maybe you could go as a family of Whos or the characters from Green Eggs and Ham.

Rubies Horton Hears a Who! – Horton Costume – Size: Infant

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham is one of my favorite stories. It’s a silly tale of a little guy who wants to get a bigger guy to try something a little different. Do you know a picky eater who might like this story too. They go on a wild adventure with boats and trains and all sorts of crazy places. When he finally gives in a tries the dish he really, really likes it.

Green Eggs and Ham Book & CD (Book and CD)

Seuss Stories

Creative Halloween Costumes on Pinterest

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Jan 19 2013

Leprechaun Costume

Published by under Creative Halloween Costumes

A Leprechaun Costume is a great dress up idea for St. Patrick’s Day or any day you want to celebrate the luck of the Irish. This deluxe leprechaun outfit includes a green tail coat and gold shamrock vest with attached white shirt and green bow tie. Also includes green leprechaun pantaloons.

Leprechaun Costume, Green, Adult

You could be a leprechaun for Halloween too. Don’t forget your top hat, red beard, pipe and pot of gold.

Beistle 30706 Plush Leprechaun Party Hat with Beard

Plush Leprechaun Beard and HatWhat’s a leprechaun without his beard and hat? This plush leprechaun hat with red beard is a fun gag outfit for St. Patrick’s Day or on Halloween. The hat has a gold shamrock and black band and gold buckle.

Leprechaun Shoes

Leprechaun shoes are sometimes shown as black shoes with gold buckles. These sequin Leprechaun Shoes are green with pointy curled toes.

Leprechaun Costume Accessories

Saint Patricks Day Costumes

Leprechaun Costume Ideas

Leprechaun Pot of Gold

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Oct 19 2012

Teletubbies Halloween Costumes

It’s time for Teletubbies! Teletubbies is a classic children’s television program that features four friends who live and play together. There are four of them, a big purple one, a smaller green one, an even smaller yellow one and at last a small red one. The Teletubbies have a pet vacuum cleaner called Noo Noo who picks up all their messes.

They are a lively bunch who like to sing and dance and each on has its special talent. Tinky Winky, the purple one, likes to go for walks and carries a big red bag. Dipsy, the green one, has a big top hat with a cow pattern on it and he likes to joke around. The yellow one, Laa Laa, likes to do ballet and play with her big yellow ball. Po is the smallest and she has a scooter that she lives to ride around.

Kids just love Teletubbies and Halloween so why not put them together and have a Teletubby Halloween. Here are some cute Teletubbies Halloween Costumes and other fun Teletubbies Halloween Ideas. Join in the fun with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po.

Teletubbies Costumes

Teletubbies Halloween Costumes – Tinky Winky (Purple)

Tinky Winky is purple and the biggest Teletubby. He loves to sing and carry around his big red bag.

Toddler Teletubbies Tinky Winky Costume

Teletubbies Halloween Costumes – Dipsy (Green)

Dipsy is the green teletubby and he loves his black and white top hat. Be careful though a strong wind and it just might blow away.

Teletubbies Dipsy Toddler/Infant Costume – 12/24 Months

Teletubbies Halloween Costumes – Laa-Laa (Yellow)

Laa-Laa is the yellow Teletubby and she loves to dance and play with her big yellow ball.

Teletubbies Laa-Laa Toddler/Infant Costume – 12/24 Months

Teletubbies Halloween Costumes – Po (Red)

Po is the littlest Teletubby and she loves to ride around on her scooter.

Teletubbies Po Toddler/Infant Costume – 12/24 Months

Teletubbies-Who’s behind the costume?

Creative Halloween Costumes on Pinterest

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Oct 17 2012

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Couples Costume

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Couples Costume
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Couples Costume

This Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Couples Costume is a hilarious idea for Halloween.  You’re sure to win first prize in your next Halloween party costume contest with this fun costume idea.

Click here for more great Creative Couples Halloween Costumes ideas.

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Oct 12 2012

Smurfette Costume

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The Smurfs are back! Smurfette is the cutest! Here are some fun ideas to help you with your Smurfette Costume for Halloween. With her yellow hair and flower, Smurfette is the greatest!!

The Smurfs – Economy Smurfette Adult Wig

Smurfette Costume for Women

Be Smurfette for Halloween with this officially licensed Smurfette costume for an adult.

The Smurfs – Smurfette Adult Costume

Includes: Top, pants and headpiece. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed The Smurfs Costume.

Smurfette Costume for Girls

Your little girl can be Smurfette for Halloween or just to play dress up too.

The Smurfs-Smurfette Child Costume

Smurfette costume includes blue pants with elastic waist and top that looks like a dress over a blue body. Also includes the signature white Smurf hat.

Smurfette Costume for Toddlers

Your little one can be one of the Smurfs too with this Toddler Smurfette costume.

The Smurfs-Smurfette Infant/Toddler Costume

Costume includes Romper and headpiece. Toddler fits sizes 2-4.

Smurfette Costume for Babies

Your little one can dress as Smurfette for Halloween too.

The Smurfs Bunting And Headpiece Smurf, Smurf Print, 0-9 Months

Smurfette Plush

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Oct 07 2012

Sewing Costume Patterns

Sewing is great fun and an economical way to create unique Halloween costumes for all ages. With some great sewing costume patterns you can make all sorts of costumes for your kids for Halloween, School Plays, Christmas Pageants and more.

You will also be able to make your own homemade Halloween costumes for yourself or others and each costume will be special and unique.

Kwik Sew Costume Pattern # 2711

There are toddler costume patterns and baby costume patterns. You can use a renaissance costume pattern or medieval costume pattern for a fairy princess costume look or gothic vampire costumes. Historical costume patterns are great for patriotic costumes for Halloween or school plays.

Victorian costume patterns are great for period pieces and Elizabethan costume patterns work well for Shakespearean plays. You can get funny fruit and animal costume patterns for younger children for Halloween too.

The costumes pictured above are designed for woven and firm knit fabrics. The recommended fabrics are sweatshirt fleece, fleece, fake fur, cotton and cotton types. The leaves on the pumpkin can also be made in felt.

Simplicity patterns has some cute kids costume patterns. They have a Disney Costumes Pattern line so you can make kids favorite Disney character Halloween costumes like Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell, Snow White, Cinderella, and Tangled’s Rapunzel costumes. Simplicity also makes some really fun pet costume patterns so your dog can dress up for Halloween too.

Sewing costumes for Halloween will make your child’s costume stand out from the crowd and make you look great too. With so many great costume patterns to choose from and a little bit of imagination and sewing you can create some fabulous costumes at home.

Toddler Costume Sewing Patterns

Making Halloween Costumes for Toddlers is easy with this Simplicity pattern #2506. You can make a costume for your little angel or devil. This pattern also has a mouse, bear, and dragon costume for toddlers. They are sure to win your local Halloween costume contest with these adorable ideas.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2506 Toddler Costumes, A (1/2-1-2-3-4)

No Sew Costume Patterns

If you want to make your own homemade Halloween costume and don’t have a lot of time or sewing skills there are some great No Sew Costume Patterns that you can get to help you create some quick and easy costumes. This Simplicity pattern 2074 lets you make Halloween tutus for Misses size and dogs too. You can make a tutu fairy witch costume, a cheerleader, and red devil tutu costume.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2074: Misses’ and Dog’s Costumes, Os (One Size)

No Sew Halloween Costumes

No Sew Halloween Costume Patterns

Renaissance Costume Pattern

Renaissance costumes are lovely for Halloween and Renaissance faires. This renaissance costume pattern features a flowing and flouncy blouse and skirt with a cinch waist corset look vest. This elegant look is great for ladies and you can also make the matching veil headpiece that looks ultra feminine. This costume pattern is wonderful for brocades with ribbons and lace trimmings.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 3809 Misses Renaissance Costumes, N (10-12-14)

Renaissance Costume Patterns

Renaissance Costumes Sewing Patterns

Medieval Costume Patterns

Medieval costumes are also fun to make and wear for Halloween. You can get a medieval costume pattern to make a knight in shining armour costume and a damsel in distress medieval princess costume.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 5520 Child Costumes, A (3-4-5-6-7-8)

Sewing Medieval Costumes

Medieval Costume Patterns for Halloween

Sewing Halloween Costumes

Disney Character Costume Patterns

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2065: Disney’s Tangled Rapunzel Child’s Costumes, A (3-4-5-6-7-8)

Simplicity Disney Costume Patterns are easy patterns to make your child’s favorite Disney Character Costumes.

Funny Fruit Costumes Patterns for Halloween

How to Sew Costumes from Patterns

Harry Potter Costume Patterns

Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter

Butterick Sewing Pattern 3989 – Use to Make – Boys’ / Girl’s Wizard Style Costumes – Sizes 12, 14, 16

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Oct 05 2012

Cheerleader Costumes

Cheerleader Costumes are fun for Halloween. Whether it’s cute and peepy or goulish and creepy, there are different cheerleading costume looks for any taste. There are adorable infant cheerleader costumes, cute toddler cheerleaders and zombie cheerleader costumes for Halloween. You can find your favorite sports team cheerleader costumes like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader costume or LA Lakers Cheerleader costume. Even the guys can dress up in goofy cheerleading costumes too with silly blonde wigs or dress up like a male cheerleader from SNL.

Cheerless Leader Child Costume

Cheerleader Costumes for Halloween

Cheerleader Costumes for Girls

Mens Cheerleading Halloween Costumes

Guys like to get in on the fun and even go trick or treating in drag. These funny cheerleading costumes are a scream and are sure to win the most popular award at your next costume contest. These “gals” are perky and fun with gawdy blonde wigs and that cheerleading spirit. You’ll have a great time with these outfits this Halloween.

Mens Cheerleader Costume – Varsity Cheerleader

These dudes are no ladies but they do have spunk. Cheer your team on to victory with these silly men’s varsity cheerleading outfits. They come with Twin Peaks logo inflatable boobies and red white and blue pom poms. These are fun and fabulous.

SNL Cheerleader Costumes

SNL Spartan Cheerleader Male Adult Costume

SNL Spartan Cheerleader Male Adult Costume

SNL Spartan Cheerleader Female Adult Costume

SNL Spartan Cheerleader Female Adult Costume

Infant Cheerleader Halloween Costume

An infant cheerleader costume will look adorable on your little cutie this Halloween. With her little pom poms and outfit she’ll be cheering for more candy.

Infant Pink White Cheerleader Costume

Toddler Cheerleader Costumes

Glee Cheerleading Costume

You’ll look ready to dance your little heart out when you don the Glee – Cheerios Adult Costume, which includes: A cute cheerleader style tank top with WMHS print, matching skirt and pom pom shakers.

Glee Quinn Cheerios Cheerleader Adult Costume

Quinn has a baby bump but that doesn’t stop her from being a Glee Cheerleader. Without the bump this outfit can be for any of the other cheerleaders on the squad.

Glee Costumes

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Costume

You can cheer for your favorite team on Halloween with this Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Costume. The crowds won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you.

Deluxe Dallas Cowboys Licensed Cheerleader Costume

What a night for football and Halloweeen cheer. You’ll love this Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfit. Cheer for your favorite team. Outfit includes blouse, white fringed vest, and pants. Other accessories like the blue pom-poms, and white cowgirl boots, can be purchased separately.

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Halloween Costume Accessories

LA Lakers Cheerleader Costumes

Los Angeles Lakers Laker Girls Cheerleader Costume Tank Dress (Juniors Medium)

High School Musical Cheerleader Costume

Your High School Musical fan can be a East Side High School Cheerleader.

Child Cheerleader High School Musical Costume

Go Wildcats! you can cheer as you go trick or treating. This East Side High cheerleading outfit is perfect for girls you want to pretend to be on the squad. Outfit includes Dress and pom poms.

High School Musical Costumes

Dog Cheerleader Costumes

Pet Cheerleader Costumes

Zombie Cheerleader Costume

More Creative Halloween Costumes on Pinterest

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