May 29 2013

Flapper Halloween Costumes

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Flapper Halloween Costumes are fun and timeless. There are many different types of flapper dresses but most have a dropped waist. There are ones with fringe, or sequins, lace and beads. There are feathered headbands and felt cloche hats and long strings of beads to go with the flapper outfit.

20s flappers were sassy and fun loving with a boyish charm but oh so feminine. The flapper hair cut was usually short in a bob. The makeup for the roaring twenties flapper look is rich with dark eyeliner and bold red cheeks and lips shaped like a bow.

Charades Costumes 20s Flapper Velvet Sequin Dress (White) Adult Plus Costume

This year 1920s costumes should be very popular and the flapper is such a fun costume that symbolizes that decade.

Flapper Fashion – Black Flapper Halloween Costume – Plus Size

This roaring twenties outfit includes a Black layered-fringe dress with sequin trim and Black sequin headband with Black feather accent.

Add a cigarette holder, beads and stockings and you are all set for a night out on the town in 1920s style.

Plus Size Fashion Flapper Holiday Party Costume (Black;2X)

Flirty Black Flapper Wig for Halloween – Adult

You’ll flip your lid for this flapper wig!

Includes a black, short 20’s style bob wig. One size fits most adults. Remember a wig cap to hold in your own hair and some bright red lipstick and black eyeliner will complete the look.

Ladies Black Flirty Flapper Costume Wig

Flapper Handbag – 1920’s Flapper Handbag

A Flapper Handbag is essential it you are going to be dancing the night away. You need a place to stash your goodies, makeup, booze and cash. These sequin 1920s flapper handbags add just the right amount of flair to your outfit.

Red or black a sequin adorned purse is a must have for the classy flapper or the sassy one. Complete you Halloween costume look with this purse costume accessory.

Flapper Handbag – 1920’s Flapper Handbag

Flapper Hat in Red – Flapper Costume Accessories

The red 1920’s style Flapper cloché hat is the perfect topper for your swanky flapper costume!

Flapper Hat in Red – Flapper Costume Accessories

Red Flapper Halloween Costume – Deluxe Adult

This Super Deluxe 20’s Flapper Costume features the red flapper dress with gold sparkle finish, detailed with fringe, gold buckle and two-tone lace, plus long pearl necklace and sequin jeweled feather headpiece.

Red Flapper Halloween Costume – Deluxe Adult

Flirty Flapper Wig – Blonde

You’ll be the bee’s knee’s with this flirty flapper do!

Put on the Ritz and head out for a night on the town in style this Halloween! Includes one blonde wig styled in a short Bob.

Flirty Flapper Wig – Blonde

Flapper Headband – Black Feathers

This Flapper Headband helps create the look of a real 1920s flapper complete with black feathers and beads. This deluxe feathered headband features an elastic band so one size fits most. What better way to finish off your Halloween, cocktail or costume party than with this Flapper Headband!

Flapper Deluxe Adult Headband (Black) Size One-Size

Sequin Flapper Halloween Costume – Black and Purple – Adult

Party like it’s the 1920s with this show stopping smarty.

Jazz up your night in this swanky get up. Costume includes a black and fuchsia sequined dress with a swirl print and fringed detailing at the bottom, and black sequined headband with attached feather.

Sequin Flapper Black/Fuchsia Adult Costume

Hot Pink Flapper Wig Adult

You’re entrance will be big with this hotsy-totsy wig.

Jazz up you 20s outfit with this short and sassy hot pink bob. Includes one wig. Grab a wig cap to help tame your natural tresses and give you a realistic look.

Hot Pink Flapper Wig Adult

Pink and Black Feather Flapper Boa

Show the Flappers of the 1920s how to move with sex appeal and sass! Every Flapper needs their dazzling accessory to assist in their strides through roaring crowds. This Flapper would be motionless without the Pink and Black Boa 1920’s Accessory resting upon her shoulders. She looks sexier and dances with more grace, because fashioning her Pink and Black Boa makes life quite an ease. Cause a scene and be the reason people come to the show at all, as the most acclaimed Flapper, wearing this hot pink and black trimmed, 1920’s style Boa. Time for some real entertainment, the good old fashioned way!

Pink and Black Feather Flapper Boa

20s Hot Pink Flapper Gloves

For that extra hot look, our 20s Hot Pink Flapper Gloves fit the bill.

20s Hot Pink Flapper Gloves

20s Hot Flapper Beads Pink – Flapper Halloween Costume Accessories

Flappers love beads. Here is a pink bead necklace to go with your pink flapper outfit.

20s Hot Flapper Beads Pink

Adult Broadway Babe Flapper Costume – Flapper Halloween Costume

The Adult Broadway Babe Flapper Costume includes the fringed dress, and comb with attached feather.

Adult Broadway Babe Flapper Costume – Flapper Costumes

Flapper Beads

These beads are a must to complete your flapper costume. Get them here or be square.

Flapper Beads

20’s Art Deco Flapper Costume – Flapper Halloween Costumes

This 20’s Art Deco Flapper Costume includes the shimmering all-over sequin black and gold flapper dress with gold square sparkle fringe at the neckline and hem. and the wide gold sequined headband and black feather. Fishnet hose, boa and wig available separately. Make an evening of it with a date by pairing this with any of our 1920’s gangster costumes for men!

20’s Art Deco Flapper Costume – Flapper Halloween Costumes

Black Satin and Rhinestone Gloves – Flapper Halloween Costume Accessories

These handsome long satin gloves have shining rhinestone accents and are perfect for any flapper, starlet or formal costume!

All That Jazz Black Satin and Rhinestone Gloves – Flapper Accessories

Pearl Flapper Beads

When flappers were all the rage, so were long pearl necklaces that could be swung around while doing the Charleston. Our faux Pearl Flapper beads are the ideal accessory to complement the look of your 20s Flapper Costume. Pair with our multi strand faux pearl bracelet and/or our faux pearl earrings for a complete set.

Pearl Flapper Beads

Silver Gatsby Girl Flapper Halloween Costume – Adult – Medium

Twenty-three skidoo!

Have a roaring good time in this glamorous flapper costume. Includes sequined flapper dress with fringe trim, matching sequined headband and white elbow-length fingerless gloves.

Gatsby Girl Adult Flapper Costume (Silver) – Medium/Large

20s Gatsby Girl Gold Flapper Costume – Flapper Costume

This 1920’s adult Gatsby Girl Flapper Costume includes the twenties slip-style flapper dress and the headpiece.

20s Gatsby Girl Gold Flapper Costume – Flapper Halloween Costumes

Jazzy Flapper

Woman’s Jazzy Flapper Costume, Pink/Black, Medium/Large

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