Oct 21 2014

Wolverine Costume and Claws

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Wolverine Costume and Claws

Wolverine Costumes are great superhero costumes for Halloween. Wolverine is a Marvel comics character and he is one of the X-Men. Wolverine is a mutant with sharp retractable claws on each hand that he uses to fight his enemies. He also possesses a powerful healing factor that allows him to recover very quickly when wounded. The Wolverine character’s real name is James Howlett but he commonly goes by Logan.

Classic X-Men Wolverine Muscle Child Costume – MEDIUM (7/8)

Wolverine first appeared in comics in the 1970s but the Origins television miniseries and X-men motion picture starring Hugh Jackman have made Wolverine and his X-Men friends popular again and a great choice for Halloween.

You can purchase an officially licensed Marvel Comics costume or make you own. You can get these Wolverine Claws gloves to make your Wolverine Costume complete.

Wolverine Deluxe Claws Child Costume Accessory

Wolverine Costume for Kids

Wolverine fans come in all sizes and genders. You can get this cute Wolverine Toddler costume for your little superhero.

Wolverine Costume – Infant

Girl Wolverine Costumes

Girls can dress up for Halloween with the Wolverine look too. Wolverine has a daughter and she is called Wild Thing. This Wolverine womans costume is great for those shewolves out there.

Wild Thing, Daughter of Wolverine – Small – Dress Size 4-6

Wolverine Costume Hair and Makeup

How to Make Wolverine Claws

If you want to make you own Wolverine costume you will need to make some authentic looking claws. Here are some ideas to help you with your Wolverine Costume.

Wolverine Mask


This Wolverine mask is vinyl and has the yellow and black Wolverine features with pointy black ears and masked eyes and black sideburns look.

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