May 25 2013

Game Costumes

Looking for a fun costume for Halloween? Why not dress up as your favorite board game? Game costumes are a fun and creative costume idea for Halloween. If you are going to a Halloween party Twister is a fun party game and makes a great game costume as well.

Twister Costume, Medium (7/8)

There are lots of other fun game costumes, like Monopoly, Operation, Candy Land and Scrabble. There are other fun video game costumes like PacMan, Super Mario Brothers, and classic games like tic tac toe, chess, checkers and darts. Check out all the fun game costume ideas for Halloween.

Candy Land Costume

Candy Land is another kids favorite game. Dressing up as one of the Candy Land characters is a fun game costume idea. Princess Lolly is a cute and sassy Candy Land costume.

Candyland Sassy Deluxe Adult Costume Size Medium (8-10)

Monopoly Costume

Mr. Monopoly Deluxe Adult Costume

Another favorite kids board game is Monopoly. These fun his and hers game costumes feature the monopoloy board game characters and properties. Be a first prize costume winner at your next costume party with a Monopoly Halloween costume.

Womens Monopoly Deluxe Adult Costume

Operation Costume

Operation Game is a fun retro favorite game that is still popular today. An Operation Game costume is a very creative costume for kids and adults. Don’t touch the sides!

Operation Adult Male 42-46

Pacman Costume

Pacman is a favorite video game from the 80s. Dressing up as one of the Pacman characters alone or in a group is a great game costume idea. A Pacman costume is sure to make people smile.

Adult Deluxe Pac Man Costume

Super Mario Brothers Costume

Super Mario is also another retro video game that is even more popular today in the Wii and Nintendo DS games. A Super Mario Brothers Costume is a fun game costume and you and your friends can go trick-or-treating for Halloween as Mario and the other Mario game characters like Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and Princess Peach.

Super Mario Bros – Child Costume – Boy Large 10-12

Scrabble Costumes

Words with Friends players will love these Scrabble costumes.

Scrabble Deluxe Adult Costume

Sassy Deluxe Scrabble Womens Costume

Tic Tac Toe Costume

This game could take all night. A tic tac toe game costume is another fun and creative game costume idea for Halloween. With X’s and O’s and a hashtag board this Tic Tac Toe costume is great for game lovers.

Tic Tac Toe Board Child Costume

Chess Costumes

These make a great couples costume idea for chess players. You can go as the king and queen on a chess board.

Chess King Adult Costume Black Standard One-Size

Chess Queen Adult Costume Black Standard One-Size

Checkers Costume

Checkers is a classic board game and a simple Halloween costume idea. This board game costume features the red and black checker board and pieces.

Child Checkers Board Game Costume – 7-10

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